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Branding Graphic Design Logo Design Packaging


Laiyifen, which mean “get one share” in Chinese, makes and sells cheap and popular traditional Chinese snacks from melon seeds and peanuts to ducks’ stomach and dried beef. We were invited to present concepts for an all-new brand direction. Wanting to appeal to a younger audience and attract customers outside of their 50 years old+ demographic, Kern was tasked to take their iconic brand and modernize it into a sleek and memorable look.

Taking inspiration from the existing character icon we presented a design that was modern, playful, and still colorful. Keeping the smiling mouth was an important feature as it helped to represent tastiness and happiness. Bringing keywords such as Laugh, Smile, and Share into the design brought to the forefront exactly what the brand was about. We adjusted the orange by adding more red and introduced a new light blue and yellow to help balance the colors and bring better contrast. Dropping the main character from the logo also allowed for easier production and replication across all packaging and store signs.

  • Date

    April 10, 2020

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