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  • 546 Yuyuan Road, Building 2, 1st floor, Jing‘an district, Shanghai 200010
  • BUSINESS HOURS: 10.00 AM - 07.00 PM
Graphic Design Illustration

MarcJuan Trips

MarcJuan is a local Chinese travel agency that we worked with to develop their promotional travel posters, business cards and informational website. One of the posters featured was Brazil and the client wanted an illustration that reflected all that the country had to offer. We focused on famous landmarks, foods, and activities while also using a bright color pallet to show the excitement of the country.

Business cards were designed for each employee and showed a different location from around the world. Every employee selected a country that they enjoyed the most and an image was used on the front of the card to encourage new customers to collect the whole series.

  • Date

    September 19, 2017

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