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  • 546 Yuyuan Road, Building 2, 1st floor, Jing‘an district, Shanghai 200010
  • BUSINESS HOURS: 10.00 AM - 07.00 PM
Branding Graphic Design Logo Design Packaging


Yeyo was created in 2016 by Kiwi expat Christiana Zhu in efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To get back on top of her health, she started making diary-free and sugar-free coconut yogurt in her own kitchen. Little by little, word got out about her delicious yogurt and what began as a little weekly ritual in her humble kitchen becoming China’s first coconut yogurt brand.

Yeyo approached Kern Design when the brand started to grow beyond their humble kitchen and toward a larger target audience. Our team took the existing logo and color pallet and built a full story around the brand that focused on coconuts, health, and fun. Evolving the logo we created a mark that was fresh, fun, and bright while paying homage to the original logo. In addition, we developed the entire brand identity including all-new packaging designs, booth setups, delivery bags and more.

  • Date

    March 2, 2020

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